Vince Poscente

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What is a grown man doing standing on a chair in front of 25 to 15,000 people? And how does he combine wit and wisdom to get audiences out of their chairs - and standing on their feet?

It all started with his against-all-odds Olympic story that helps people and teams reach BIG GOALS fast. Vince is a business guy who decided he would compete in the Olympics four years after his 26th birthday. At the age of 30 Poscente was vying for Gold, blasting down the mountain at an incredible 135 mph on skis. With his acumen for speedy goals, he soon became a prolific author, consultant and speaker, guiding corporations around the globe toward accelerated personal and organizational results.

While others in your industry may tend to ‘hang-on,’ Poscente illustrates how to get down to business and up to speed for a competitive advantage. Through powerful examples and edge of your seat stories, your audience will be energized and ready to tackle the tough challenges ahead of them.

As a leading authority on creating a high performance mentality, Vince Poscente is sought after by countless organizations across North America for his renowned keynote speaking engagements. His message is a simple yet powerful one: ordinary people are capable of achieving extraordinary things.

Drawing on his experience as a highly successful businessman - and as someone who defied all odds to go from a recreational skier to the Olympic Games in four short years - Vince Poscente has a story to tell. More importantly, he has a series of proven, high performance strategies for success to share with his audiences. Strategies that can help anyone achieve their own Olympic-sized goals.

Your audience will laugh, cry, and most importantly, relate to Vince's journey of trials and tribulations.

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