Todd Hunt

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Todd Hunt looks like a pleasant, buttoned-up corporate type. But when he opens his mouth, audiences reel with laughter. His stories and examples, delivered with the sly wit of a seasoned comedian, stick with you long after his program.

Consider a man who started a financial services company in Chicago, grew it to 400 employees in three years, then sold it and opened a bookstore in Vermont...after appearing on NBC's Seinfeld for two seasons. Todd Hunt did not do any of those things. But he worked for a financial services company in Chicago...shopped at a bookstore in Vermont ... and watched Seinfeld on NBC every Thursday.

As an executive at Ogilvy & Mather, one of the world's largest advertising agencies, Todd learned the "inner workings" of communication. Additional jobs with an insurance administrator, direct marketing company and ad department of a major retailer confirmed what he had suspected all along -- people have to communicate every day!

Working with trade associations, retailers, non-profits and financial companies, Todd sold insurance, credit accounts, trade shows, seminars, theater tickets, memberships and other products and services to consumer and business audiences.

One day he discovered that people would pay him to tell funny stories about sales, customer service, leadership and change that he garnered during his years in business. So now he does! Using humor and sensibility, he demonstrates how we can all communicate better, become more successful and make more money.

Speaking Topics

An insightful look at improving communication with employees, customers and suppliers to win more business ... with dozens of everyday examples that will leave you chuckling in recognition.

  • Discover "where your listener is coming from" and how to tailor your communication style accordingly.
  • Delight customers in every way imaginable.
  • Review the 8 problem words that could cost you business.
  • Never think about voice mail the same again!

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