Thomas Winninger

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As a successful businessman, Thom has applied his strategies to his own companies as well as others to capture and sustain market leadership in challenging economies.

His market strategies have been featured on CNBC, First Business, Boardroom Reports, Venture and Success Magazine and he is published in over 300 other trade journals, publications, and newspapers. He is frequently referred to as America's Leading Market Strategist and the man who is reinventing the way companies differentiate themselves.

He is author of the best selling books Price Wars, Full Price and Sell Easy. His new book "BULLSEYE" Thinking Smart! shares what market leaders are doing to consistently hit the mark. Thom is one of the most in-demand business speakers in the North America today.

Speaking Topics

MarketQuake 2020: Capturing The 10 Trend Forces That Threaten Your Future
Tomorrow will bring more change, faster change and more volatile change than ever believed possible.

How you'll benefit from this presentation:

  • Target trends
  • Become more innovative
  • Implement trending strategies
  • Get closer to shifting markets
  • Recognize techno-applications

BULLSEYE! How Market Leaders consistently hit The Mark
Winninger demonstrates how Market Leaders incorporate Bullseye Focus to THINK SMART, CREATE PRICEABLE VALUE and BUILD CULTURES OF DIFFERENCE.

BULLSEYE Smart! How to Think like a Market Leader...

  • Making Better Decisions the First Time
  • Targeting Trends
  • Getting Closer to Shifting Markets
  • Becoming More Innovative

BULLSEYE Value! How to Create Priceable Value...

  • Create Tangible and Priceable Value!
  • How Market Leaders are getting Full Price!
  • 8 Imperatives in the New Economy
  • Capturing the Trends with Actions!

BULLSEYE Culture! How to Build a Culture of Difference...

  • Create a Corporate Genetic Code
  • How Market Leaders sustain Success
  • What to do besides "try harder"?
  • Bringing the Team in line with the Culture

Price Wars: Secrets To Beating The Price Wars Without Destroying Profits
Those who fail, spend more time listening to their competitors than they do listening to the needs, wants and desires of their customers.

How you'll benefit from these strategies:

  • Target your real customer
  • Quit competing against price
  • Get your sales resource to sell bigger margins
  • Serve the highest need
  • Own your niche
  • Sell value over price
  • Position your uniqueness
  • Solidify your competitive position
  • Learn to repackage
  • Convert commodity to value added

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