The O'Shea Report

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Tim and Kris O'Shea have been making audiences laugh for almost two decades. Yes, they are married. And the battle-of-sexes-balance adds a third dimension to every line and laugh they deliver.

The O'Sheas have one thing that sets them apart from other humorous motivational speakers: they both have experience working in the corporate world. They have been where their audiences have been; they have worked the same jobs and sat in the same kinds of meetings. This unique perspective gives them the edge to truly connect with the groups to whom they present.

Speaking Topics

The O'Shea Report: Change 180°
The O'Shea Report: Change 180° takes you on a hilarious journey through the ups and downs of dealing with change. Presenting in their hilarious news-magazine format, The O'Sheas are one-of-a-kind humorous keynote speakers. Through motivational humor, The O'Sheas help audiences snuggle up to change, stomp on suspicion, and open their minds to progress.

Hilarious coverage on changing times. In today's YouTube world, there is a new standard for capturing an audience's attention. This Saturday Night Live-meets-20/20 keynote will engage your attendees while offering original business humor.

The O'Shea Report: Change 180° will help your audience laugh as they investigate:

  • The quirky future of technology
  • How to change the "soap opera" of the office by changing your perspective
  • From Leave It To Beaver to MySpace--the evolution of communication
  • How workplace personalities the resister, the deceiver, and the overreactor deal with change

All in an action-packed keynote, The O'Shea Report: Change 180° will completely alter and uplift the way you look at the rapid shifts taking place in our world.

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