Tammy Hughes

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Tammy Hughes has worked with Claire Raines for ten years. She delivers dynamic speeches and workshops about the generations, and heads up our Certify-the-Trainer program. Tammy has delivered training for more than twenty years throughout the U.S. and around the globe. Some of her clients include McDonalds, Proctor & Gamble, TGI Friday's, GE, BP, CB Richard Ellis, Adventist Health, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Castrol, Equity Office, and Wells Fargo.

"Tammy Hughes delivered a strong presentation on the importance of working with and understanding the generations around us. Her energy and enthusiasm for the subject made many of our attendees wishing the session ran longer. In just an hour, Tammy was able to tackle a difficult obstacle everyone faces in their workplace and give the audience the increased knowledge needed to be able to return to their offices confidently and feeling empowered."

Speaking Topics

Generations at Work
Customized for every audience, that helps businesspeople work more effectively and productively with other generations.

  • 4 Generations Working Side-by-Side
  • Defining Moments
  • Generational Profiles
  • The Titanium Rule
  • Preferred Work Environments, Leaders, and Communication Styles
  • Selling to the Generations

Managing and Motivating Today's New Workers
Focuses on two new generations and their styles, preferences, and work ethics.

  • A Collision of Perspectives
  • The Xers & The Millennials
  • The New Work Ethic
  • Management Excellence for a New Workforce

Generations and Succession: Building a Work Culture for the Future
Examines generations and succession planning.

  • Generations and Work Environment Preferences
  • Your Work Culture as a Generation
  • Retaining Skilled People
  • Developing New Leaders
  • Building Skill Sets and Competencies for the Future

Generations – The Global Version
Delivers new information on worldwide trends over the last eighty years and how they have shaped the generations globally.

  • 4 Eras: Radio, Television, PC, Internet
  • How We're Shaped by Our Times
  • Generalizations as a Tool for Understanding
  • How Generations Vary from Culture to Culture
  • Global Events that Shaped 4 Generations
  • The Titanium Rule
  • 5 Generational Trends That Will Impact the Future of Businesses Globally

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