Stephen Hyde

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I'm Steve Hyde and I've been toiling in the fields of health care for many years. I've studied it, advised or regulated many of its institutions (and run some of them), and written a couple of pretty good books on coping with and fixing it—or so I'm told.

My latest book is, Cured! The Insider's Handbook for Health Care Reform. If you want to know a lot more about how our health care system works, why it doesn't, and how we can fix it with a regulated market solution, I hope you'll read it. I also wrote Prescription Drugs for Half Price or Less. If you take prescription drugs, it can probably save you a lot of money.

My qualifications for talking about health care and how to reform it include having survived the last great American health care revolution. No, not Hillary Care. That was a bust. I'm talking about the HMO/Managed Care movement that was—long ago—supposed to cure America's unsustainable problems of high-cost health care, mediocre quality, and too few primary care physicians. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Over the years I've been CEO of a two medical groups and board member and/or CEO of more than a few companies and nonprofits, including a hospital, a disease management company, two health management consultancies, a physician practice management firm, an adoption agency, a PPO company, and a health insurance company. For the past several years, I've been advising corporate and insurance company clients on how to improve their prescription drug benefits by getting their employees to ask their doctors about the best drugs for the least amount of money. I'm also spending a lot of time traveling the country to speak about market-based health reform.

Speaking Topics

  • How To Know Effective Health Care Reform When You See It
  • Why Effective Prevention and Electronic Medical Records Won't Save Money
  • Market Failure and How It Produced today's Health Care Mess
  • Getting Medical Care with Twice the Quality at Half the Cost
  • Why We Don't Need to Reform Health Care Delivery
  • Medicare is Dead, Long Live Medicare
  • Big Pharma: What's Wrong With It and How To Fix It
  • Why We Need More Bankrupt Hospitals
  • Do We Really Need Doctors to be the Last Priesthood
  • Fixing Health Care Forever with 3 Government Reforms

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