Sherrin Ross Ingram

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From the courtroom to the boardroom, Sherrin has a track record of devising and executing winning strategies. Her ability to quickly and decisively identify superficial reasoning and unchallenged assumptions, cut through B.S., and get to the root causes of challenges enables her to help clients devise and implement winning strategies that achieve powerful results. That's why she is called America's Power Strategist!

Sherrin is CEO of the International Center for Strategic Planning ("ICFSP") and creator of the Actionable Strategic Planning® and STRATEGIC Decision-Making® Processes. ICFSP is a consulting firm that provides structured assistance with one or all phases of strategic planning and implementation. She is also a highly sought after speaker, attorney, owner of several successful businesses, Of Counsel to Tressler, Soderstrom, Maloney & Priess, a national law firm based in Chicago, Illinois, former host of the radio show "The Wealth Management Program," author of the best-selling book Wealth Mentality: Program Yourself to Get and Keep the Wealth You Want, and founder of The Foundation for Real Nutrition and Sustainable Living.

Speaking Topics

How to Turn Ideas into Actionable Strategies You Can Implement Immediately Fresh insights and creative ideas are the life's blood of competitive advantage. However, most ambitious and growth oriented leaders lack a reliable method for converting insights and ideas into actionable strategies they can implement immediately. Without such a method, competitive advantage and growth can not be sustained. In this dynamic and motivating presentation, Sherrin takes the audience through a step-by-step process for fully leveraging breakthrough ideas.

HOW TO STAY FOCUSED...In Spite Of Distractions
Failing to stay laser focused on your goals and current projects can cost you everything you really want from your business and career: more money, recognition, reputation, promotions, achievements, self-esteem and pride. Distractions, both mental and environmental, vigilantly fight for and often succeed in stealing the attention of even the most motivated and success-orientated people. Why? Because they haven't learned the right strategies for consistently tuning out distractions. Distractions don't have to slow your progress or rob you of the success and wealth you deserve. In this information packed session, Sherrin teaches the most powerful strategies available for staying focused in spite of distractions.

STRATEGIC Leadership: Mastering the Seven Factors that Propel Growth and Profitability...In Any Economy
There are leading-edge businesses that experience growth and profitability regardless of what's happening in the economy. Is your business a "leading-edge" business? If you want yours to be or if you and are already a leading-edge business who wants to accelerate growth and profitability, don't miss out on this engaging and breakthrough presentation. With well-researched strategies and insights, Sherrin teaches leaders at every level how to fine tune and master their role in stimulating growth and profitability for their businesses.

THE PROFIT PATROL®: An Experience That Teaches How to Develop and Customize a Profit Growth Plan
Can strategic planning be fun and engaging? Yes, it can be if you bring The Profit PatrolĀ® experience to your audience. With the use of fun and engaging scenes and language that parodies Crime Stoppers and America's Most Wanted, Sherrin skillfully teaches the principles of Actionable Strategic Planning so that the audience can develop their own customized Profit Growth Plan. So whether members of the audience want to launch a new business, increase profits or achieve a single strategic initiative, such as improving employee retention or improving follow up with new prospects, they will have the tools to achieve their goals in a memorable way. See the program one-sheet for more details.

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