Sam Silverstein

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Leadership speaker Sam Silverstein develops leaders at all levels of the enterprise. From the C-suite to the safety leadership team to the front line, leaders are the corner stone of building great organizations. It starts with each individual being accountable for their part of the organizational vision. Organizations who nurture leaders throughout the enterprise grow faster and stronger and are better positioned to achieve their strategic intent.

Sam presents the four phases of accountability and the five critical, but often overlooked, ways to be proactively accountable. Sam shows how to increase success and significance in business and in life, and will challenge your group to take an honest look at themselves. Attendees discover what important road-blocks keeping them from achieving their goals. Application of Sam's principles improves leadership, increases sales and improves customer service. By simply creating a culture based in accountability organizations grow stronger.

No More Excuses is a gripping and entertaining look at the major reasons people aren't achieving what they want and deserve, and how to go about addressing those issues. International leadership and accountability expert Sam Silverstein teaches the four phases of accountability, the five critical, but often overlooked, areas to apply personal accountability and how to infuse accountability within your organization.

Whether you are faced with change, growing your leadership team, promoting a sales initiative, or entering strategic planning it all starts here. The first step is to make No More Excuses and be accountable for making your success a reality.

Speaking Topics

"No More Excuses" has been hailed by planners as "the perfect message at the perfect time". As an opening presentation it becomes a powerful touchstone for audience members and sets the tone for personal accountability for the remainder of the event. As the conference closing message, attendees internalize the significance of accountability in the post-event 'real' world.

Motivation / Inspiration
Accountability is the catalyst to achieve previously unattainable goals and experience unprecedented success.

Sales / Customer Service
Accountability is today's competitive advantage to reclaim market share and win the heart of a hyper-discerning consumer.

Leadership / Teamwork
Accountability encourages top-down transparency, and builds trust in a fragile and turbulent workplace.

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