Ross Shafer

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Ross Shafer didn't start out as one of the country's funniest motivational speakers. A native Pacific Northwesterner, he was an All-Conference football player in high school and awarded a scholarship to the University of Puget Sound – a small NCAA II school where Ross was often the player voted most likely to be "shaken up on the play." He earned his BA degree in Business Marketing within four years…an achievement he's still convinced is a football team record.

Ross started getting laughs at comedy clubs and his first big break came when he won Showtime's Comedy Laugh Off in 1983. Soon Ross began to open shows for Dionne Warwick, Eddie Rabbitt, Crystal Gayle, Neil Sedaka, and other famous people with good voices.

Within a year, Ross was hosting KING-TV's weekly comedy/talk show, "Almost Live." With Ross at the helm, the show won 36 Emmy Awards and the prestigious IRIS award for the "Best Local Entertainment Series" in the United States. It was also during his time at "Almost Live" that Ross actually created Bill Nye, The Science Guy! As a 6 time Emmy Award Winning TV broadcaster and comedian, Ross has hosted talk and game shows on NBC, ABC, FOX, MGM and USA Network.

Surprising, but true, Ross is also a published author. He practically invented the genre of comedy cookbooks with Cook Like A Stud, featuring 38 recipes men can prepare in the garage using their own power tools. He also wrote Nobody Moved Your Cheese! - How to Ignore the Experts and Trust Your Gut and his latest book, The Customer Shouts Back – If You Want Lifetime Customers, Listen to their Emotional Solution, which is the culmination of Ross' 11 years as a writer and producer of human resource training films. Ross recently founded the Customer Empathy Institute™ because he's convinced the reason customer service hasn't improved, is because we haven't tried to understand the customer's emotional state before, during, and after the transaction.

Corporate and Association audiences have become fascinated by Ross' story of "Failed Pet Shop Manager, turned Network TV Host." Nowadays, he is in demand as a keynote speaker, seminar leader and event emcee. His clean, funny and relevant programs have made more than 3,000 meeting planners look like heroes and he's worked with dozens of companies that span various industries, such as Microsoft, Toyota, Safeway, Nordstrom, GE, Pfizer, Xerox, Verizon, Blue Cross, Wells Fargo, Ernst & Young, Allstate, Federal Express, as well as a slew of professional associations. When you book Ross Shafer for your event, your audience is guaranteed to laugh, see their business in a new way, be inspired to trust their gut and fulfill their own potential.

Speaking Topics

How To Stay Relevant
Best practices are a moving target. As soon as we think we are becoming "current" – or even cutting edge – industry models change, our customers shift buying preferences, or our most talented team members decide to leave for greener pastures. The encouraging news is that there are immutable tactics you can embrace that will insure your organizations will remain relevant; even in the turbulent wake of an unstable economic climate or an evolving industry.

Behave Like a Startup
Has Your Company Felt Complacency Creeping in?
When your company first launched, did you shake the world with something new and groundbreaking? Were you the unlikely underdog that unseated the industry leaders? Over time, have you had so much success that you’ve slowly lost your hunger? Do you find you aren’t as reactive as you once were? Maybe you are celebrating yesterday’s profits while your competitors are turning up the heat. Ross Shafer can reinvigorate your organization by sharing case studies of legacy companies who were determined to get their youthful groove back.

Sucess: It's on You
We all want success in our careers and business…but too often we look for encouragement and validation from other people. Ross will inspire you to take charge of your own destiny when nobody is around to guide you. Ross reminds you that nobody cares more about advancing your career than you do so, you must become the leading expert

Motivational / Masterful MC
Ross is available for a limited number of multi-day conference hosting duties. Because of his talk and game show experience, Ross is the perfect moderator for events that feature A-List Celebrity guests…or your top level executive panel discussions. Ross is comfortable asking the tough questions in a way that is disarming, funny, and insightful. He has led interviews and Q & A for such luminaries as Jack Welch, Senator Bob Dole, Queen Noor of Jordan, Rev. Al Sharpton, James Carville, Henry Winkler, Super Execs. Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan, Rap Mogul Russell Simmons, George Will, Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman…and dozens of others. You can trust your event will be on time, on target, and energized with Ross at the helm.

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