Ronald Culberson

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Ron Culberson's mission is to help healthcare staff and leaders achieve a new level of excellence through humor. He helps them have more FUN while preserving the integrity of the work they do and the lives they lead.

The success of any healthcare organization depends on quality patient care. Yet regulations, finances, staffing and always doing "more with less" have made that much harder to achieve. While you're not likely to see a decrease in these challenges, you can do something about the way you handle them.

After ten years at Hospice of Northern Virginia (now Capital Hospice) as a home care social worker, Manager of Counseling Services and Director of Quality Service, Ron is well versed in the issues facing healthcare today. Whether it's HIPAA, staffing shortages or the challenges of reimbursement, he has an appreciation for how healthcare staff and leaders must cope with these ongoing challenges.

Speaking Topics

Injecting Humor into Healthcare: A New Shot of Excellence
Ron's most popular program! See how humor helps build on a foundation of excellence to help you manage stress and become more effective at what you do.

Managing Your Humor Resources: A Path to Excellence for Healthcare Leaders
Become a better leader by tapping into the power of humor to create a better image, make work processes more fun and motivate and inspire staff.

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