Robert Siciliano

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When President Bush told all Americans to be on "high alert," he reinforced the message that Speaker and author Robert Siciliano has been carrying throughout the USA for more than a decade. To increase security and reduce liability, consider the solution that is so effective, so well-thought of, these major media offered it to their audiences.

Millions of people have already learned the secrets of personal safety and security developed by one man. His skills have benefited thousands more through presentations to GMAC, the National Association of Realtors©, Dominos Pizza, United Bankers Bank, Conference of State Bank Supervisors, and the American Society of Association Executives among others. Known as "The Lifesaver," this man is safety expert Robert L. Siciliano, a certified security instructor for numerous industry associations and a highly praised consultant.

For over 20 years Robert has been researching and keeping in tune with all aspects of security by staying on top of what is new and ahead of what is next at all times. His purpose is to inform and educate you to avoid becoming a statistic. He says "There always has been, there is now and there will always be a criminal predatory element stalking their next victim. Being proactive and knowing your options are essential." Attend his program, give him an hour of your life and he will give you a lifetime of his.

Speaking Topics

Solving the Identity Theft Epidemic
Understanding the extent of the problem, its impact on employees/clients and how to protect them. Government is placing the onus of responsibility on corporate America to fix the problem. Industry is scrambling to stay compliant. Consumers are overwhelmingly concerned about fraud. Experts disagree on the solution. Ultimately significant upgrades need to be met in order to stem the tide of identity theft and major losses of data.

In this program you will be presented with a transparent look at:

  • Identification and Authentication
  • Privacy Is An Illusion
  • You Are Not Nine Numbers
  • Laws Without Teeth
  • Compliance as a Means to an End
  • Biometrics and Solutions

Here's an overview of the seminars to benefit you and your organization:
Living on High Alert: 14 seminars to ensure your personal safety.

1. Safe Travel Security
2. Workplace Violence
3. Anti HiJacking
4. ID Theft Security
5. Premise Security
6. Personal Safety and Success
7. Nursing Security
8. Realty Security
9. Public School Security
10. Children Security
11. Social Network Security
12. Mortgage Fraud Security
13. Computer Security
14. Executive Security

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