Robert F Kennedy Jr.

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Environmental speaker Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is chief prosecuting attorney for the Hudson Riverkeepers, senior attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council, and president of the Waterkeeper Alliance, and is the first among a new breed of environmentalists.

Currently a partner in Silicon Valley's VantagePoint Ventures Partners' cleantech investment team, Kennedy was named one of Rolling Stone magazine's "100 Agents of Change." A high-profile political speaker and activist, he has used numerous media outlets, including his 2004 book, Crimes Against Nature, to call into question the environmental policies of the United States.

His newest film, The Last Mountain, examines the struggle to save West Virginia's Coal River Mountain, the last mountain in the state's southern coal region untouched by the mining practice of mountain top removal.

As a keynote speaker, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. delivers a passionate defense of the environment and of how its continued neglect affects the future of the planet and the health of future generations. He advocates a direct and aggressive approach against entities whose policies accelerate pollution and maintain the status quo. Kennedy calls upon all people to actively make a difference in their world.

Speaking Topics

Our Environmental Destiny
In this beautifully written speech, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discusses the role that natural resources play in our work, our health, and our identity as Americans. A passionate environmental speaker, he reminds us that we have a responsibility to protect and preserve our planet for future generations. More than an advocate for the environment, Kennedy is an architect and agent of change. From solar energy to wind power and more, he shows how it is truly possible to become energy independent while making the world a better place.

Green Gold Rush: A Vision for Energy Independence, Jobs, and National Wealth
The creation of a green economy is an increasingly promising solution to multiple challenges. Sustainable business and energy independence are keys to our economic revitalization, according to Kennedy. America can boost its own infrastructure by powering industry with plentiful and domestic renewable resources. A sophisticated, well-crafted energy policy will help sharpen American competitiveness while reducing energy costs and our national debt. Intelligent energy policy is also the national fulcrum for US foreign policy and national security. From green jobs and technologies to weaning our reliance on carbon energy, Kennedy offers a bold vision to restore US economic might, safeguard our environment, and reestablish America's role as an exemplary nation.

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