Rick Metzger

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Rick comes from a rural background having spent 20 years of his life on the family farm. He then changed his career in to Agribusiness where he worked for nearly 15 years. His career has taken him from sales to marketing to management. He was a high school athletic coach and is a World Champion athlete. Rick has been speaking full time for over 15 years to students, educators, parents, coaches, professional and collegiate athletes, agricultural groups and corporate America. Some of Rick's clients include over 500 schools all across America, The Ohio State Buckeyes, Eastman Kodak, The New York State Athletic Administrators Assoc., Marquette Management, The Canadian Football League, just to name a few. Rick's fast paced, high energy programs enlighten, entertain and empower all who hear him.

Speaking Topics

The four rules of success! A tremendous keynote for organizational meetings and conventions. Rick will encourage participants to: Drink- from the fountain of happiness, Steal- a little time to do an act of kindness, Swear-to live your life to the fullest, and Lie-down each night and thank God for our freedoms and the opportunity to follow our dreams.

Gold Medals Don't Make Champions
We have a successful career. We have a family. I make a good living. I am happy most of the time. Is this how we measure our success? This World Record Powerlifter will help us understand that not all that is material is what makes us a success. This inspirational and motivational presentation will assist everyone in taking a look at what really makes them a champion of life.

The Best Way to Predict Your Future...CREATE IT! (Keynote)
What is holding you back from being and accomplishing the things you want to do, have or be? We become comfortable, content if you will and realize we can just do the same old thing the same old way and move along towards retirement. However, retirement may be a long way off for many of us and we need to make change happen now. OH MY - not that CHANGE word! How do we make change happen? How to we become better at what we do? These questions and many more will be answered in this keynote presentation as we prepare for our future.

Putting it all Together — 10 Steps to Greater Success!(Workshop)
What is it that separates a mediocre company or organization from a great one? What separates an average salesperson from a top producing salesperson. What makes one manager bring out the best in their employees from a manager that just a manager? Is it what they eat? Is it what they wear? Were they born with a special gene? Is it the company they work for? Is it because they have a fancy title? The answer is NO! The answer is _______________, well if I told you here you would not need this workshop. However these questions and many more can be answered by "Putting It All Together!"

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