Peter Lemon


One of the youngest living recipients of our nation's highest award, the Congressional Medal of Honor, Peter C. Lemon is among the most dynamic and moving professional public speakers of our time. President Jimmy Carter has honored him with the Certificate of Outstanding Achievement for his community efforts and he is the 1998 Humanitarian Alumni of the Year at his graduate alma mater. Mr. Lemon is also an inductee in the elite Ranger Hall of Fame.

A successful entrepreneur for three decades, Mr. Lemon has owned many businesses to include the national insurance organization American Hospitality Association, and the commercial contracting firm Darnell-Lemon, Inc. Currently he is the president of the twelve thousand page patriotic web-site and owner of Lemco Enterprises, Inc. where he is a speaker, author and film executive producer.

Acclaimed author of Beyond the Medal, Mr. Lemon has been praised by General Colin Powell, Elizabeth Dole, Senator John McCain and President Ford. Recently his book was donated to the 32,000 middle, junior and high schools in the United States.

The Million Dollar Man, as named in the Michigan State Senate for his riveting presentation, has appeared on various television programs to include the Dr. Jerry Falwell Show and Oprah.

Mr. Lemon has shared the same platform with such distinguished Americans as Senator Bob Dole, Paul Harvey, Arnold Palmer, and Bob Hope, and participated in events with numerous celebrities, athletes, governors and presidents.

"True Heroism Is Not A Matter Of Chance, It's A Matter Of Choice."
- Peter C. Lemon

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