Patrick Reynolds

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In 1986, Patrick Reynolds became the first tobacco industry figure to turn his back on the cigarette makers. He's a grandson of the tobacco company founder R.J. Reynolds, but the family's cigarette brands, Camel and Winston, killed his father and eldest brother.

Mr. Reynolds' appearances in the media and before Congress have made him a nationally known and respected champion for a tobacco free society. Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop has commented, "Patrick Reynolds is one of the nation's most influential advocates for a smokefree America."

This nationally known smokefree advocate is a popular motivational speaker at conferences, schools, hospitals and colleges around the nation.

Tobacco Wars! The Battle for a Smokefree Society educates and inspires the audience. Interest in Patrick Reynolds by the local press has been consistently strong.

This highly motivational speaker reaches the hearts and minds of his audiences. Patrick Reynolds speaks vividly and movingly about his memories his father's and eldest brother's deaths from smoking, and then will update the audience on the current state of tobacco control in your State.

He'll compare your State to the rest of the nation in four areas: current State tobacco taxes, spending this year on teen smoking prevention, the strength of youth access laws, and current laws banning smoking in your State from restaurants, bars and other workplaces. Finally, he'll suggest what can be done to bring about change.

Mr. Reynolds will also offer his insightful perspective on other current tobacco issues, including the influence of the special interests over Congress, the UN World Health Organization's Global Treaty on Tobacco Control, ratified by 157 nations as of September, 2008, the FDA law to regulate tobacco, an overview of recent State and Federal tobacco tax hikes, and the sad cutting of highly successful tobacco prevention programs by most States.

Mr. Reynolds will inform audiences that the tobaccofree movement has made its greatest progress at the local level of government, passing hundreds of 100% smoking bans, and also in the Judicial branch.

But until recently the movement has made little progress in Congress, and has had mixed results in the 50 State Legislatures. Mr. Reynolds believes this has had much to do with the millions the tobacco industry donates each year to politicians' election campaigns, and makes a case for strengthening campaign finance reform laws.

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