Pam Vaccaro

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Pam Vaccaro is the presenter meeting planners call when they are looking for a program on “Time Management” with a refreshing and up-to-date message.

Pam’s insightful and non-traditional approach to time management brings her presentations to audiences internationally. Pam has often been the person companies and associations select when they are looking for something different especially on a somewhat worn topic like “time management.”

Her tailoring process is not just "lip service." Her Code of Professional Standards and her guarantee of a quality experience for every client requires her to deliver on her promise to make her program "all about your group."

She is author of Beyond the Ice Cream Cone: the Whole Scoop on Food at the 1904 World’s Fair. Her book features one of America’s famous dieticians-Sarah Tyson Rorer. Reviewed in the NY Times as one of the most well researched books of its kind. She is also a 2005 Emmy nominee for her work on the documentary, The World’s Greatest Fair proving that we can follow our dreams and get our work done too.

Speaking Topics

Leadership & Time Management
One of the many defining characteristics of an excellent leader is his/her ability to focus on every aspect of leadership. Managing "time," conducting well-organized meetings and communicating more effectively are all made easier by implementing the tenets of Pam's two most popular programs for leadership. Let her help you and your colleagues improve the ability to manage your focus.

Productivity, Time & Focus Management
These programs form the core of Pam's work. Like all her presentations, they are filled with lots of practical tips on how to manage multiple priorities, distractions, e-mails, virtual/physical desks and work/life balance. She develops a way of looking at your time, attention and focus and presents a set of strategies to manage each without buying another planner or gadget.

Productive Corporate Cultures
Managing time is no longer a solo event. Productivity increases when all members of the team play by the same rules and help each other manage focus. These programs are best suited for in-house venues where you and your colleagues hear the same concepts and work together to design specific applications to increase productivity.

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