Nina J. Easton

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As FORTUNE's Washington columnist, Nina J. Easton regularly walks her influential readers through the peculiarities of the capital's decision-making--and its impact on today's economy. As a prime-time political analyst for Fox News for nearly a decade, she has guided millions of viewers through congressional and presidential election nights, party conventions, State of the Union messages, legislative battles, and foreign affairs.

Easton also co-chairs the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit, conducting on-stage interviews with the nation's preeminent women in venues ranging from London to Laguna Beach. In 2012, she served as a Harvard Kennedy School fellow, where she taught large seminars and moderated high-level panels. She is also an accomplished political historian.

Easton is a familiar face to Fox News viewers as part of the "All-Star" panel for Fox News Sunday and the prime-time news show, Special Report with Bret Baier. She has also co-hosted CBS' Face the Nation, appeared on ABC's This Week, PBS'Washington Week in Review, NBC's Meet the Press, PBS' The Charlie Rose Show, and National Public Radio, among many others. She spent a decade as an award-winning journalist at the Los Angeles Times, and three years as deputy bureau chief of the Boston Globe.

Author of the acclaimed political history Gang of Five: Leaders at the Center of the Conservative Ascendancy, Easton was praised by the Washington Post for telling the story of post-Reagan conservatism "more inventively, exhaustively and entertainingly than anyone else." She also co-authored the Washington Post best-seller Reagan's Ruling Class: Portraits of the President's Top 100 Officials, and John F. Kerry: A Complete Biography.

Speaking Topics

Five Things You Don't Know About Washington
Everyone knows the nation's capital is mired in political gridlock. Pitched battles over spending, taxes, regulation, immigration, and even jobs, have created an environment of uncertainty--affecting you and the decisions you have to make about your business. In a clear, concise, and entertaining way, veteran analyst Nina Easton takes her audience behind the scenes to explain what is going on and, just as importantly, what to expect.

Why We Should Believe (More) in America (Again)
The 2008 financial collapse, combined with a decade of unwinnable war, has hurt the morale of Americans and our faith in our future. Veteran economic and political analyst Nina Easton shows why America's free market is poised to lead the country into a brighter future, despite a host of very real problems.

The World's Secret Economic Weapon: Women
The research is in, and the results conclusive: Women are a force for prosperity. When women are included in economies, growth happens. Nina Easton, co-chair of the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit, reveals women as economic engines, contributing to GDP--and thereby poverty reduction for all.

A Practiced and Charismatic Moderator
As co-chair of the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit, Nina Easton has conducted compelling one-on-one interviews on stage with leading CEO's and political figures--including Condoleeza Rice, Hillary Clinton , Lawrence Summers, Meg Whitman and Olympia Snowe. She is routinely called upon to moderate panels with leading business and government officials--at Fortune events, the Harvard Kennedy School (where she served as a 2012 fellow) and other name-brand gatherings.

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