Nick Arnette

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Whether you want a dynamic message or pure entertainment, Nick's programs transform and energize audiences with motivation and humor! His unique, tailored presentations show us ways to find humor in our everyday lives, at home or at work. "Laughing is good for us," says Nick, "It increases productivity, brings people together and helps us deal with our problems. A sense of humor is no longer a desired trait in the business world — it is a required trait!"

Smile and the world smiles with you, laugh and you'll perform your job a lot better, says humor expert Nick Arnette. American business could reduce the costs of stress and burnout and increase productivity by simply encouraging humor in the office. He points out that a good laugh has many benefits.

"It has many physical benefits such as reducing pain," says Amette. "It's also a pleasant way of identifying and solving problems."

A touring comedian, speaker and comedy writer, Arnette has worked with such comedy greats as Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld and Roseanne Barr. In his humor workshops, he teaches techniques professional comedians use to find something funny in everyday events. This helps people add levity to their working environment.

"At the very least, well-placed humor in the office will make work more fun, which can increase productivity and lower absenteeism," Arnette says.

"If we can laugh about it, we can talk about it," he says. "Humor is the cheapest and easiest way to feel better and to solve problems."

Speaking Topics

It's Laughter We're After!
Incorporate more humor into your life without being offensive or interrupting the work environment.

It's Not Only What We Say: It's Also How We Make People Feel!
Learn the value of encouragement and have a few laughs along the way.

How to Effectively Use Humor in the Workplace
There is a place for humor in the workplace. Learn how to effectively use humor to achieve the results you desire.

Spare Change
The only thing that doesn't change, is change. It's not how a person acts toward change — it's how they react. Learn to put change in its proper perspective.

We're Talkin' Teamwork!
Learn how to define and implement effective teamwork so everyone understands the task at hand!

From Laughter to Leadership
Not only are there physical benefits of laughter; humor is also good for business and a great way to exhibit effective leadership. Learn how and why.

Do you spend a lot of time getting angry because someone didn't do what you were expecting them to do? Learn how and why having realistic exceptions of people will increase your productivity and peace of mind.

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