Neal Petersen

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Neal Petersen is an inspirational business speaker who draws from extraordinary life experiences. Delivering a powerful and timely message of adaptability and perseverance, Neal turns barriers into solutions by never giving up. An award-winning author and the subject of a PBS documentary, Neal is a natural storyteller: riveting; engaging; highly entertaining. He challenges audiences to find their treasures and use their experiences to navigate these challenging times to their advantage.

Attendees are guaranteed to hang on the edges of their seats as he empowers them to excel by sharing how he overcame the formidable barriers of a childhood physical disability, poverty and the humiliation of Apartheid in South Africa to compete in one of the most dangerous of all sports: solo yacht racing around the globe--27,000 miles, 9 months at sea--alone, and in a yacht he designed and built himself.

His award-winning book , Journey of a Hope Merchant, documents his struggles and victories, before and after the race, as does a PBS documentary, No Barriers, the story of Neal Petersen.

Speaking Topics

NO BARRIERS ~ ONLY SOLUTIONS PROGRAM: Neal’s keynote is unique in his delivery, carrying a treasure chest on stage – Neal challenges his audience to carry treasures – not baggage. He takes his audience on a journey filled with content they can use everyday. Inside the chest are things symbolic to Neal’s success in overcoming his insurmountable barriers and challenges the audience to think about their treasure -what they have in experience to aid in planning for a successful future.

Neal’s powerful messages include:

· How to leverage these difficult economic challenges to your advantage--have a clear vision, keep pumping, choose a winning course and navigate to your advantage.

· Change is constant -- it's how you react

· Turn your baggage into treasure

· Innovate -- how to capitalize on ever changing winds storms

· How to deal with set-backs by turning them into opportunities


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