Mort Crim

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To an increasingly hassled and frustrated society, Mort Crim delivers optimism, perspective, and hope. In a world filled with negative media messages, Mort's speeches are about solutions, triumphs and faith. His message has proven just as popular on campuses and at conventions, where Mort's humor and "can-do" attitude leaves them cheering!

Mort Crim was senior editor and anchor of the evening news at WDIV-TV in Detroit from 1978 to 1997. He is outspoken on the need to elevate the news from the sensational, and believes that human achievement and heroism should be given more airtime to balance the reports of human failures and tragedy. United Press International has twice named his evening broadcasts "Best Local TV Newscast in America."

Speaking Topics

How to Hold it Together When the World is Falling Apart. In this speech, Mort addresses head-on our rising fears over terrorism, a sagging economy, wars and threats of war, not to mention the personal challenges we face on the job and in our relationships.

Maybe Its Not Just Your Spouse Who Doesn't Understand You: How Poor Communication May Be Sabotaging Your Business. Mort is a professional broadcaster with more than three decades in the news business. He's also the founder of a successful communications company that teaches corporations on how to tell their story, both internally and externally. His clients include many of the nation's top "Fortune 500" companies. In this speech, he explains with personal authority - and humor - how to get your message across, clearly and accurately.

The One Secret Every Happy and Successful Person Knows. There's a common denominator of happy and successful people: they give of themselves. Mort, who's interviewed thousands of people, insists he's never met a truly happy person who didn't serve others.

Everything I Really Need to Know I Learned at the Airport A rated commercial pilot, Mort uses flying stories to chart a course for effective living. The message: "Always fly the plane. Don't ever become just a passenger." Great advice in the cockpit and real life.

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