Matt Bellace

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Matt Bellace, Ph.D. is a multi-faceted individual with very unique talents rarely found in one person. He holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, has been speaking and performing stand-up comedy since 1995 and has been involved in youth drug and alcohol prevention efforts since high school. But most importantly, Matt is a passionate speaker that presents his message with humor and audience interaction.

Dr. Bellace has a Ph.D. in clinical neuropsychology from Drexel University, is the author of the book, "A Better High". His "How to Get High Naturally" program encourages over a hundred thousand students a year to pursue natural highs and make healthy choices. Matt was a recurring comedian on truTV's "The World's Dumbest." His stand up can be heard - and requested - on Sirius XM's Comedy Channels.

What is Matt's main message?

Young people need to feel empowered in their schools and communities. It is not enough to ask them to stay away from drugs and alcohol, we need to show them there are positive things they can do for themselves and others. They must all be leaders in their lives.

Speaking Topics

“How to Get High Naturally”

Participants will learn about natural highs, and four things that are necessary to lead a naturally high life. These four points are based on protective factors in the prevention literature, but presented using Matt’s signature style. He employs the acronym L.E.A.D. to help the audience retain the four points.

· Lean on Healthy People for Support

· Express Yourself in a Healthy Way

· Achieve Natural Highs

· Don't Be Afraid to Take A Stand


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