Marian Madonia

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Early on in Marian's speaking career, she attended the Training Specialist Program at Georgetown University. This experience solidified her career choice in adult education. She is an avid believer in continuing education because "you don't know what you don't know until you go and learn more." She helps clients improve personally and professionally by "sharing the wealth of information" she has acquired. She is passionate about helping others to understand the dynamics of effective communication and attitude within the workplace. She is known for her ability to look at the adversity in life, find the humor in it, and persevere in spite of it. Humor is key to resilience.

Topics: Communication Skills

Secrets to Effective Communication

· Learn secrets to exceptional communication from basic to advanced skills that are needed to be effective in communicating in the workplace

· Accepting negative feedback and complaints with mutual dignity, esteem, and respect

· Written communication including email

· Recognizing the difference between assertiveness and aggression

· Projecting confidence and credibility

· Effectively dealing with conflict and confrontation

· How to listen better and use your improved listening skills for better communication

· The Garbage that shuts down communication; How to prevent it and open up communication if it has already happened

Conflict & Confrontation Skills

No one likes conflict, but we all deal with it many times a day. Becoming effective at dealing with Conflict and Confrontation skills will allow you to get over more obstacles and deal with more types of people effectively.

· Identifying the small conflicts that you already deal with will help you be more effective at dealing with the bigger conflicts

· Understanding the difference between disagreeing and being disagreeable

· Why it doesn't work when you "get in other people's faces" and how it can come back to kick you

· The 5 styles of dealing with conflict

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