Mack Dryden

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He's Experienced! Mack climbed from working in a Mississippi paper mill to performing stand-up comedy on The Tonight Show with both Johnny and Jay, and numerous other TV shows, to acting in movies with such stars as Karl Malden and Keith Carradine, to being hand-picked by Bill Maher for the writing staff of ABC's Politically Incorrect. He has polished his uniquely engaging style over two decades as a comedian, actor and writer, and his philosophy is "when they're laughing, they're listening."

He's Inspiring! Still a working actor, and half of the comedy team Mack & Jamie -- the funniest comedy team in America -- Mack's stage presence, energy and sense of humor alone fire up his listeners to reach for their goals with renewed vigor and focus. But there is substance with the sizzle, and he inspires with personal anecdotes -- "When I had cancer, people asked me how I could joke about it. Easy. I could only handle one malady at a time: cancer and depression would just kill me."

He's Motivating! As funny as it is motivating, Mack's presentation "Laugh and Leap to Your Goals" will inspire your group to set realistic goals and leap toward them with confidence and never give up: "Falling on your face," he says, "is still moving forward."

As one happy client put it..."Mack's ability to take a dry subject like manufacturing software and give it a humorous life made the evening memorable for all. He tailored his material to our business as though he'd been in the field himself."

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