Louie Gravance

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Louie Gravance, a native Californian, is literally changing the consciousness of business in America through his speaking and consulting skills. A premiere example is the work he has done is helping Bank of America navigate what he calls a “culture shift.” This was done through an initiative Gravance introduced to high level executives and employees entitled “The Bank of America Spirit.” Gravance was a perfect fit for this project, thanks to skills learned and honed during a twelve-year tenure at The Walt Disney Company in Orlando, Florida.

Beginning with the training and orientation program “Traditions” at The Disney University, Louie designed, developed, and delivered countless presentations. First, at the University for literally thousands of Disney World employees from all disciplines, and then for visiting corporate clients through the Disney Institute Professional Development Programs. He has also traveled North America, teaching “Showmanship in the Workplace” to large companies like ING Financial, Mutual of Omaha, Fisher Scientific, Toys 'R Us and BMW of Canada, just to name a few.

Prior to moving to Florida, Mr. Gravance began a show business career at the age of twelve. He spent the next two decades in Los Angeles appearing in stage shows, sitcoms, motion pictures and over 35 national television commercials. While at Disney, he led, trained, and performed with the improvisational comedy show “Streetmosphere” at the Disney / MGM Studios from the first year of its inception in 1989.

Speaking Topics

How to Create the Happiest Workplace on Earth
Ever wonder how a company like Disney maintains “Service Excellence” on a daily basis? Let me share some of the techniques and themes used that I used to train and motivate literally thousands of Disney “Cast Members” annually. Based on over ten years of experience as a Disney Traditions “Professor”, this talk is particularly aimed at keeping a front line service employee “Emotionally Connected” to their purpose. I will illustrate the power of GOAL FUSION between you and and every member of your team. Even “Backstage Performers” from such hardworking areas as foods, custodial and housekeeping must understand their link to the goals and objectives of their employer. This presentation stresses the alliance between employees both seen and unseen. Frankly, this talk is also aimed at organizations that ask the very most of their service employees with rewards that are not always obvious in the short term.

Bring Yourself to Work
Every employer has the right to expect its partners and employees to be FULLY PRESENT while performing their "roles." Many people in the workforce ultimately ask themselves, WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME? This talk stresses that in the workplace, as in life, INVESTING OF YOURSELF IS THE SAME AS INVESTING IN YOURSELF! Every service transaction is an opportunity to create a "Magic Moment" for both customer and employee. It's easy to get caught up in details. Too many good employees and companies get so wrapped up in their TASKS that they forget what their JOB is. You get a daily matrix that can be used by any "Cast Member" to keep themselves focused on providing excellence to the moment at hand, and how to keep their "eye on the job."

All Business is Like Show Business
EVERYTHING SPEAKS. Whether you're a food service professional or a pediatrician, virtually every vocation requires a "performance technique!" Any business, like any venture of showmanship must ask: WHAT DO WE LOOK LIKE? WHAT DO WE SOUND LIKE? WHAT DO WE FEEL LIKE? For over 30 years, Louis has appeared on radio, network television, film, stage, in theme parks, as well as worked with corporate trainers in medicine, retail, foods, manufacturing, auto makers, insurance companies just to name a few. They are all the same business! Virtually every transaction your company makes is telling a story whether you realize it or not. WHY NOT USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE?

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