Larry Johnson

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Author of “Absolute Honesty” (Building A Corporate Culture That Values Straight Talk and Rewards)

Ethics has no enemies, or so we all like to think. Yet the corporate landscape has been an ethical battleground in recent years, with the corrupt behaviors of Enron, WorldCom, Tyco and others leading many to question whether "corporate integrity" is an oxymoron. But for most companies, fortunately, the problem is not whether to practice truthfulness and accountability. It's how to integrate such practices into the culture so that they are rewarded, self-perpetuating, and virtually automatic.

Larry was awarded the City of Phoenix Award of Excellence for designing and implementing that city's team based quality improvement program. This program was featured in a PBS televised documentary by Tom Peters (co-author of In Search of Excellence).

Since 1986, Larry has presented to more than 2500 audiences in every state in the Union, as well as in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. Larry was the #1 ranked speaker at the Inc. Magazine Workforce 2000 Conference. He has been invited to speak at eight International Customer Service Association Conferences.

Speaking Topics

Creating an Insanely Positive and Productive Workplace Culture
How you can increase productivity, spur innovation, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce employee turnover.

Straight Talk
Communicating With Honesty & Integrity

There is No They
Delivering Care from the Customer's Perspective

Turning Customers into Raving Fans
Make sure your customers just DON’T like you - make sure they LOVE YOU

Mastering The Storm of Change
How to stay up, stay positive and thrive when times are turbulent

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