Kevin Soden M.D.

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Currently serves as the worldwide Medical Director for Texas Instruments and the Cardinal Health Corporation and teaches as a courtesy Professor at the University of Florida College of Medicine. He served 23 years as an ER physician and was also the founder of the oldest, largest, physician-owned managed care organization in the Carolinas.

Dr. Kevin Soden, an Emmy, Telly, and International Freddie Award-winning medical journalist for more than 20 years, can now be seen each day as the host of Healthline, a daily half-hour medical show on the Retirement Living Network. He was a National Medical Reporter for NBC News Channel and has also appeared regularly on NBC's Today Show. He is also been a regular on the nationally-syndicated golf show, "Par for the Course."

Just recently, Dr. Soden's documentary, Polio Revisited won the TV category for the 2008 Awards in Excellence in Health Care Journalism from the Association of Health Care Journalists. The hour-long documentary was a product of RLTV’s award-winning Healthline series focusing on the Post Polio Syndrome.

In 2003, Kevin published "The Art of Medicine: What Every Doctor and Patient Should Know", a critically acclaimed book focusing on doctor-patient communications and how to improve the doctor-patient relationship. He is also the primary author of a consumer medical book "Special Treatment: How to Get the High-Quality Care Your Doctor Gets" published in September, 2003. He is also a contributing author to the recently published "A Practical Approach to Occupational and Environmental Medicine" and to "Physician Leaders: Who, How and Why Now?" He is soon to publish his third book, "Women, Stress and Happiness: 10 Steps to Having It All and Saving Your Life."

Speaking Topics

Humor and Healing (Laugh your way to a Better You)

The frantic pace of today’s world has many people stressed out and looking for ways to cope and to keep things in perspective. Since ancient times, humor has been the heart of the healing process. Survivors of disasters, major illness, and the trauma of war all have one thing in common - their reliance on humor as a central way of coping and healing.

Humor and Healing is an extremely funny, interactive presentation designed to teach audiences how to see the humor in everyday work and personal situations. The group will learn how to get rid of the “Blues” while enhancing their performance at every level by laughing their way to good mental and physical health. Tips and techniques for discovering humor are found throughout the Humor and Healing presentation.

The Ten Most Important Lessons Learned from the Best Doctors in America (How to get the same High Quality care your doctor gets)
Communicating With Honesty & Integrity

As an NBC medical reporter, Dr. Kevin Soden has been privileged to interview some of the best doctors in America. There’s a secret to getting the best medical care … and doctors know what it is because they’re on the “inside.” They know the best hospitals, the best doctors, and the newest tests men and women need to get to both detect potential health problems early and to prevent medical problems before they start. They know these things and many more. He discusses important information which can significantly impact your health and which can save your life in the future in the 10 Most Important Lessons he’s learned from the best doctors, and which he has shared in his two critically acclaimed books.

Who doesn’t want to live longer and reduce the risk of significant health problems? Who doesn’t want an “inside” look at medicine from the best doctors in the country? Dr. Soden takes on topics that the general public needs and wants to know.

Stress without Distress – A Guide to Coping with our Frantic World
Delivering Care from the Customer's Perspective

Stress is a normal part of living in today’s world, but there are constructive ways (vs. destructive) to handle some of these stressors. There is no escaping from stress, so we’d better learn how to master it before it has negative health impacts on us. Women tend to look out for everyone else before looking after themselves, and that can be a very bad strategy in the long run if they are not careful.

Stress can produce physical, emotional, and psychological effects on women. The physical effects of stress can include high blood pressure, various immune disorders, headaches, muscle pains, diabetes, skin diseases, and various gastrointestinal disorders, just to mention a few. How stress produces its effects, why each of us responds differently, and how to reduce the harmful effects of stress are explored. Some people are “hot reactors” to stress, while others seem to handle life’s hassles and stressors more calmly. Which are you and what is your usual coping style?

This talk will help participants recognize the destructive signs and symptoms that stress can produce. They’ll also learn why we react the way we do and how our perspective on things can change how we react to stressors of various kinds. Participants will also learn many different kinds of coping strategies so that they can have a variety of options open to cope with stress. Finally, women will learn what to do to plan for stressful times and help those around them cope successfully as well.

From the Emergency Room to the Board Room: 10 Lessons in Life and Leadership from Medicine

Skilled ER physicians possess certain traits or skills that anyone would envy – regardless of their profession or position in life. They have to be cool under fire, make important decisions (often with only limited information), work alone, in many cases without the benefit of advisors, and, finally, be willing to take personal responsibility for whatever decisions they make over the course of an 8 to 12-hour shift.

There are 10 specific, clearly defined lessons, or practices, that can be taken directly from medicine, and, if applied by those in business or everyday life, would help anyone become successful in whatever they choose to do. In From the Emergency Room to the Board Room, we will share these ten important lessons that will positively change your life and your organization for the better.

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