Kathy Dempsey

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Kathy energizes her audiences through speaking and training. Her creative and unique approach is highly interactive, engaging, and packed full of practical strategies for immediate implementation. Kathy brings with her over 25 years of health care, educational training and organizational development experience.

Kathy received national attention as a result of a life-altering hospital-based event that 'made her a poster child for the Center for Disease Control (CDC).' Her presentations reach far beyond the experience, to build a touchstone with each member of the audience. Kathy's 'signature story' is her transformation as an ER nurse who became the first health care worker in America to be diagnosed positive for AIDS as a result of workplace exposure.

The diagnosis, a death sentence in the mid-80s, was confirmed with multiple positive tests. Months later, all tests returned negative. A miracle or medical error? No one is able to explain. The 3 months that Kathy lived with that traumatic diagnosis was a life-altering experience. Her dramatic account provides a focus, inspiration and context for others who seek and value change in their personal and profession lives.

Speaking Topics

Shed or You're Dead: How to Stay Alive & Thrive in the Midst of Change
Experts tell us that the most successful people in life do one thing well. They make great choices! Our fast paced life continually demands more and more of us each day. Every time you're faced with a challenge, you have a choice — An opportunity to SHED and grow personally and professionally or you can allow the challenge to get you stuck, drain your energy, and hold you back. This interactive keynote session is packed with practical strategies for immediate implementation! Leave empowered to SHED for Success!

After the dynamic interactive keynote session, attendees will:

  • Understand the concept of shedding, the dynamics of change, and why it is a critical skill in today's environment.
  • Be empowered with the "3 R's of shedding" to immediately shift thinking when facing any life challenge and motivated to move forward.
  • Learn key practical strategies for personally and professionally growth.
  • Be equipped to initiate the 30 Day Shedding Challenge.
  • Develop an action plan to move forward and SHED for Success!

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