Justin Jones-Fosu

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In 2008, Justin was named one of Ebony Magazine’s “30 Young Leaders Under 30 On the Rise.” He is an author, an award-winning entrepreneur, and a professional speaker. He published his first book Inspiration for Life: Dream Bigger, Do More, Live Fuller! He recently launched his second book: “Finding Your Glasses: Revealing and Achieving Authentic Success,” which challenges the reader to find his or her own prescription for a successful life.

Students emerge from his programs excited, energized and ready for the challenges that face them in your college community.

Students will be impacted by his energy, enthusiasm and encouragement. He is very passionate about helping students do the right things and formulate action plans for their lives and campus communities.

“I’m all about students taking action in their lives,” Justin said. “When they take their vision and put it into action, they are better leaders, more effective communicators and agents for change in their campus community and in their world.”

Speaking Topics

Why NOW Matters: How Purpose and Passion Inspire Meaningful Success
Do you know of some students on your campus or in your organization(s) lacking focus or motivation? Do you ever feel like you have misplaced the passion for why you joined or chose to serve an organization in the first place? What would it look like to have more students on campus and in organizations that are focused, motivated, and committed to meaningful success? Justin is ready to inspire your students toward that reachable reality, and to keep them effectively engaged while doing so!

Be an ACTion H.E.R.O.: The ACTions of Super Successful Student Leaders
Don’t settle for just being a student leader. Be a super successful one! If you’ve ever felt ineffective in your leadership role, it probably came from engaging in the wrong ACTions at the wrong time. Learn what super successful student leaders do and don’t do.

Your Vision Unleashed and Uncensored
Stop living your life with your eyes closed to your dreams, possibilities and vision. In this interactive program, students will be asked to dig deep and consider ways to take control of their destinies.

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