Jon Vroman

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Award winning speaker, Jon Vroman, likes to keep it simple, and is all about his core message: Living College Life In The Front Row™. He helps students to step away from their comfort-zones’ and push themselves to pursue what is truly challenging, important, and meaningful.

With years of experience keynoting, Jon has developed an effective and modern motivational style that genuinely connects with his audience. Engaging his listeners, igniting their enthusiasm, and challenging their status-quo is Jon’s specialty.

His mission is to encourage individuals to find and develop their unique talents so that they will make the biggest impact within their campus and community.

Jon operates by five core values:
1. Make authentic connections
2. Create your own reality
3. Be open to change
4. Commit fully
5. Contribute to others

Speaking Topics

Living College life In The Front Row™
Jon’s award winning 5 C’s of Living College Life In The Front Row™ (Connect, Create, Change, Commit and Contribute) is an action packed and highly interactive session filled with valuable lessons about authentic, practical and visionary leadership strategies which are shared through entertaining stories and activities. This is Jon’s most requested message and it’s famous for creating sparks within individuals that catch fire on campus.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will learn the value of connecting and forming powerful relationships.
  • Students will understand their ability to change themselves and influence others through consistent action based on integrity.
  • Students learn the value of showing up to give, and not just take.
  • Students gain perspective on what true commitment really is and how to harness its power
  • Students realize that it’s up to them to create their reality and not wait for others to do it for them

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