John Di Francis

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John's Wet Ink Presentations offer insights for achieving powerful new strategies through the process of idea generation. By definition, no two Wet Ink keynotes are ever the same. Always timely and relevant, his keynotes track the marketplace impact of global events. When the markets tumble and bounce, what will be the boomerang effect on your organization?

Now more than ever, competition and profitability demand Innovation. Breakthrough thinker, John Di Frances, shows how strategic innovation will improve performance and create marketplace opportunities for synergistic results. In a global economy, smart companies find ways to look beyond perceived limitations and quickly identify optimal innovations with the greatest ROI.

Business Innovation must have the outcome of increasing value. What is innovation and how is it achieved? Innovation begins with the process of ideation. But if an idea offers no market value or bottom-line improvement for operations, then it is simply an idea and not Innovation. Solutions must be practical, affordable and capable of implementation.

Speaking Topics

Innovation: "The Final Frontier" In recent years, economic difficulties have compelled many organizations to pursue various strategies, such as spending freezes, cost-cutting, lay-offs and hiring moratoriums. However, in contrast to these retrenchment strategies, innovation creates extraordinary opportunities for dynamic growth and profitability. It is the Final Frontier!

Strategies for Gaining Market Share: While some firms shift to neutral and hunker-down to wait out an economic crisis, others push the throttle forward seeking previously untapped market opportunities. Smart companies energetically pursue innovation when they find themselves approaching a dead end. They Seize the Day

Spectacular Customer Service: How do you ensure spectacular customer service? Focusing on fundamentals, John Di Frances helps audiences understand how to make awesome customer service possible for your organization.

Leadership Imperatives: John Di Frances examines the qualities that make leaders influential and effective. He outlines the process for putting these principles to work using examples of outstanding leadership.

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