Jim Abbott

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Overcoming the disability he was born with, Jim Abbott persevered to not only pitch for Major League baseball, but skipped the minor leagues entirely to make his professional debut—only the 15th player in the history of the league ever to do so. He also pitched for Team USA, helping win America’s first Olympic Gold medal in baseball. Yet, despite his accomplishments, Abbott possesses one of the most humble and self- effacing demeanors you'll find, which endears him to audiences captivated by his amazing story.

His willingness to adapt made him a success on the mound—and he shows audiences how they too can learn to adapt to circumstances while remaining determined to succeed. He believes that we're all capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for, a belief that he share in proving that the potential for excellence that lies within all of us.

Jim Abbott was born September 19, 1967, in Flint, Michigan without a right hand. He was an All-America hurler at Michigan; won the Sullivan Award in 1987; was the pitcher for the Gold Medal Olympic Team in 1988; and threw a 4-0 no-hitter for the New York Yankees versus Cleveland (September 4, 1993). Jim played for 10 seasons on 4 different teams and ended his big league playing career in 1999.

Today, in addition to often being a Guest Pitching Instructor during Spring Training for the Los Angeles Angels, Jim Abbott is a motivational speaker.

Speaking Topics

ADAPT: Overcoming Adversity

Using APAPT as an acronym you can put together a powerful set of words that stand alone in their significance, but they also string together like a chain in an amazing way.

A - Adjustability
D - Determination
A - Accountability
P – Perseverance
T - Trust

Adjustability: To achieve great things in this world you must be able to adjust to what is being asked.

Determination: Once you've found your way, you have to work it make it happen.

Accountability: The heart and soul of my ADAPT chain.

Perseverance: Sticking with it.

Trust: Trust in yourself. That belief that you can do it.

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