Dr. Jeff Bauer

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His extensive publications and national speaking engagements demonstrate proven skills for preparing health care leaders to approach the future proactively. In his numerous publications and presentations, he forecasts the future of health care and describes practical, creative approaches to improving the health care delivery system.

Dr. Bauer has published more than 150 articles, books, Web pages, and videos on health care delivery. He speaks frequently to national audiences about key trends in health care, medical science, technology, reimbursement, information systems, public policy, and creative problem solving. Dr. Bauer is quoted often in the national press and writes regularly for professional journals that cover the business of health care.

Dr. Bauer is skilled at making presentations on major health care topics to groups from outside the health industry. He makes understandable, informative, and interesting presentations to lay audiences about medical advances and health reform.

Speaking Topics

Health Care in a Sick Economy: Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Cures
Today's economic crisis raises serious questions and fears because providers, purchasers, payers, and patients have never experienced anything like this before:

  • Will reform ultimately solve the problems of cost, quality, and access?
  • How bad will the economy get, and how long will the crisis last?
  • How can consumers deal with high costs on declining incomes?
  • Can the health industry stay viable in difficult, uncertain times?
  • Is the economic recovery program going to help or hurt health care?
  • What should providers do to weather this perfect economic storm?

Forecasting the Future of Health Care: Challenges and Opportunities
One of the country's most respected health futurists, Dr. Bauer presents an informative and entertaining analysis of the forces that define possibilities for medical care. He explains different methods for looking ahead and forecasts the future based on his in-depth analysis of the key trends -- medical science, technology, demography and epidemiology, reimbursement, and organization of the delivery system. Implications of key trends and practical responses are presented with respect to the audience's special interests. This presentation is presented with respect to the audience's special interests. This presentation is continually updated to reflect the latest changes in forces that shape the future.

The Reality of Health Reform: What Politicians Aren't Telling Us
Health reform may be the hottest domestic topic in this pivotal election year, but the gap between politicians' rhetoric and reality is enormous. As a well-informed and neutral observer of the ongoing battle over health reform, Dr. Bauer describes the basic aspects of opposing plans and evaluates them from the perspective of key goals of a health care system. By comparing likely outcomes with the goals of public policy, he identifies the steps that would need to be taken to produce true value for health care spending. Participants will have a solid understanding of the fundamental issues of health reform and the ability to help redirect the political dialogue toward realistic outcomes.

Paradox and Imperatives in Health Care: Efficiency, Effectiveness, and E-Transformation
This presentation summarizes the key points of Dr. Bauer's challenging new (2008) book by the same title. He shows why unprecedented financial circumstances threaten failure for health care providers that pursue "business as usual." Dr. Bauer clearly explains how sound economic principles and proven management tools can prevent inevitable failures if significant changes are not made. The presentation reveals how providers can draw upon internal resources to increase net revenue and provide the quality of care that payers and consumers are demanding at prices they are willing to pay. It shows why waste must be eliminated and how future-focused leaders can put their organizations on a positive path while redirection is still possible. It is an inspiring speech about how providers can do it right all the time, as inexpensively as possible.

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