Greg Bennick

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Greg Bennick offers entertaining presentations that explore how we GET INVOLVED with working to overcome obstacles in our work and in our lives. Who doesn't need to think about challenges in a new way? Greg's keynotes explore how to live, create, and work together more effectively.

Greg entertains as well as educates. His goal as an entertainer and keynote speaker is to keep every audience engaged and laughing while offering insights and ideas.

Speaking Topics

He can customize this core concept to include messages specific to your event. Recent presentations have included thoughts on:

What are the greatest hurdles to effective communication? How can we transform being let down by others in the past to being inspired to try again in order to work together effectively?

Are you a confident leader? A vulnerable leader? What are the qualities and strengths of each of those and how does it benefit you to know the difference?

Greg makes people laugh while speaking about overcoming obstacles. He explores how we can transform the experiences we face in our day to day lives, and he does this in a unique and exciting way.

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