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For those of you still clinging to the traditional idea of a biography, let it be known that Giovanni found his "passion path" in life when he was seven years old and performed his first paid magic experience at the age of 10.

While in his early twenties, he produced and performed an entertainment concept for the Orlando Magic NBA franchise that filled the stands with fans and established him as both a superior showman and innovative entrepreneur.

Today, Giovanni's unparalleled ability to motivate and transform people and organizations has made him one of the most sought-after corporate entertainers in America, and his spectacular message has electrified over half of the country's Fortune 500 companies.

In addition to his latest printed experience, Live A Thousand Years, Giovanni has authored three books and was recently inducted to the prestigious National Speaker's Hall Of Fame. He is also only one of five people in history to have received the coveted Gold Cups Award by the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Giovanni has been creating meaningful experiences for audiences of all sizes for more than two decades. He invites you now to join the experience.

Speaking Topics

During his hour-long presentation, Giovanni brings together his singular blend of mind-bending showmanship, contagious enthusiasm, high-voltage delivery and outside-the-box thinking to encourage audience members to break through self-imposed barriers and achieve their very best. Combining his M.A.G.I.C. formula (Momentum, Attitude, Goals, Imagination, Care) with unique messaging, proven business tactics, and select magic routines customized to your company's specific goals, Anything is Possible will inspire your audience to push past the sky and reach for new heights, solve problems creatively, and build long-lasting personal and professional relationships.

Giovanni is passionate about delivering a customized experience that meets your objectives, exceeds your expectations, and WOW's your audience.

From our experience, your audience will respond well to:

  • Fresh, meaningful content
  • High-energy talent
  • Charisma
  • Creative delivery
  • Relevant information
  • Originality
  • Content that can help them grow professionally and personally
  • An experience that moves them "outside their box"

Giovanni's clients have reported that this message provides hope, inspiration, and practical strategies, mixed with astonishment and wonder. The Anything is Possible stage program is a proven success for organizations that would like to experience the following outcomes:

  • Reinforce Your Key Messages or Themes
  • Motivate your group
  • Foster teamwork
  • Build loyalty between you and your audience
  • Provide a feel-good experience for your audience
  • Create "outside the box" thinking

Giovanni instills a belief that your audience can achieve what appears impossible.

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