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When baby boomers and employees in their 20s and early 30s work side by side, the generation gap can look more like a canyon.

One generation of employees exhibits maturity and steadfast loyalty, while workers of a younger generation who show brilliance and application have an exit strategy ready if boredom or dissatisfaction sets in.

Population booms and generational differences in mind-set combine to create adverse conditions that will gradually worsen, creating a perfect storm that can spell disaster for employers.

Speaking Topics

Generations Working Better Together
This extremely informative, entertaining, solutions-based session explores why younger and older people don't see eye to eye and what to do about it in the workplace. From pointers on motivating, managing and retaining younger employees to ways of preventing older managers from losing their minds, this research-based program shows it's possible for baby boomers and Gen X and Y employees to work well together.

Business Etiquette for Generation Y
Your new young hires sure know their way around PowerPoint and PDAs, but their habitual typos and cryptic e-mails stump clients and stagnate your business. From customer encounters to business dinners to effective writing, the under-30 set often lacks the experience needed to put the company's best foot forward. With humor but without condescension, this session delivers pointers on professionalism and emphasizes business etiquette among a generation that values self-expression over corporate expectations.

Attract, Manage, Motivate and Keep Younger Workers
Some employers struggle to attract talented workers under age 30, and still more find it challenging to get these Generation Y employees to achieve its best. Then, just when managers stumble upon methods that seem to motivate, they leave for more attentive management elsewhere. Wynn Solutions new, research-based program reveals what type of business image and work environment will entice the best young workers, which modern management techniques will keep them motivated, and which incentives will keep them from defecting.

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