Frank Keck

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With over a decade of expertise in speaking, Frank also has experience in radio and television, theater, banking, marketing and advertising, retailing, and standup comedy. His diverse background provides a mixture of knowledge and experiences that add to his passion in helping others achieve success. A true innovator in the world of training and speaking, his combination of humor, energy and real world examples and anecdotes make for a program delivery that is always refreshing and empowering. As a speaker and trainer, he has earned top-rate raves from Fortune 500 organizations and won numerous awards. Audiences leave Frank's programs with the inspiration to strive for their goals and the new skills necessary to achieve them.

Speaking Topics

  • Embrace Your Freakness! Increasing Effectiveness by Improving Your Attitude & Self-esteem
  • Creating The Edge! Maximizing Productivity by Achieving Peak Performance
  • Adults are Five Years Old with Experience! Developing Greater Performance by Improving Motivation & Leadership
  • Delight & Inspire or Frustrate & Confuse! Improve Efficiency by Developing Greater Communication Skills

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