Frank Abagnale

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Frank Abagnale, a former con artist extraordinaire whose crimes inspired the memoir and movie Catch Me If You Can, is one of the world's most respected authorities on forgery, embezzlement, and secure documents. After a five-year international crime spree, he was arrested at age 21 for cashing millions in fraudulent checks worldwide and posing as a doctor, lawyer, and airline pilot. Following his five-year prison term, he was released after agreeing to help the FBI as an expert on fraud. His riveting story provided the inspiration for Steven Spielberg's 2002 film, Catch Me if You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Abagnale and Tom Hanks as the cop fast on his heels.

In just over 30 years, Frank Abagnale has gone from a man in hiding to a man in the public eye as a highly sought-after and provocative keynote speaker. He takes audiences on a hilarious and poignant journey of his time as a criminal being pursued, and speaks of his personal transformation. His is a true morality tale that takes the listener from the depths of despair to the triumph of personal redemption.

Speaking Topics

Catch Me If You Can
Frank Abagnale provides entertaining insight into his life as the notorious imposter and fraudster of the 1960s, a thrilling story told in the award-winning movie, Catch Me If You Can. By the age of 21 Abagnale had the reputation as America's most gifted con man, successfully impersonating an international airline pilot, pediatrician, stockbroker, college professor and even an assistant attorney general all while cashing $2.5 million dollars in forged checks. Audiences experience an emotional roller coaster ride as motivational speaker Frank Abagnale describes his con man escapades and reveals how he learned to live on the right side of the law.

Fraud Seminar: The Art of the Steal
In this unique, two-hour seminar, former con man turned crime stopper, Frank Abagnale, provides the latest information to protect institutions, associations, and corporations from embezzlement, forgery, counterfeit currency, check fraud, identity theft, and Internet fraud. He discusses the latest sophisticated white collar crime techniques made easy by technology, as well as your organization's potential liability under the new Uniform Commercial Code. Abagnale describes ways to guard against check fraud and introduces the latest document features and equipment to gain an edge in this costly battle. Always insightful and timely, Abagnale combines his fraud identity theft expertise with anecdotes from his time as one of the world's foremost confidence men, producing an event that provides audiences with the knowledge needed to give your organization an edge in this costly matter.

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