Eric Papp

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Since 2000 Eric has been giving professional presentations and working with Generation Y. Eric's work has been in the New York Times, Dallas Morning News, Hartford Courant, Better Homes and Garden, Health Executive and numerous other trade journals. He is probably the only speaker and consultant on this topic who actually has a Facebook account, formed a Facebook group and frequently uses text messages. He knows the mindset of this generation. His professional training background comes from working with the nation's largest seminar company where he traveled across the country helping companies foster a team environment at work. It is here Eric experienced first hand the conflicts of companies who were dealing with younger employees.

Speaking Topics

Persistent Leadership
The Key Ingredient in Successful People & Companies
"The difference between winners in business and others is not a lack of capital or knowledge but rather a lack of Persistence." Persistent Leadership is the focus to achieve company goals and standards. Persistent Leadership is about practicing consistent practices on a daily basis. Persistent Leadership gives you the understanding of your mission aligned with the company. Persistent Leadership is having discipline in uncertain times. Persistence is a philosophy which Eric practices. His last name is Papp which stands for Persistence Always Produces Prosperity

Your Audience will:

  • Leave with unshakable self–confidence and belief
  • Lead & influence in any position
  • Be entertained and recharged

Leading the Entitlement Generation
Developing the Next Generation of Leaders
"The most influential generation in history will be Generation Y." Are you concerned with the work ethic and habits of the next Generation of Leaders? Will your company be facing a gap in leadership in the next 5-10 years? Based on Eric's book, Leading the Entitlement Generation, he tells stories and examples of how to bridge the gap with your company's next leaders. He gives ideas on how you can maximize their talents for profit.

Eric's presentation themes include: Your Future Workforce, Personal Leadership, Effective Communication, and Self Development.

Your Audience will:

  • Understand the mindset of Generation Y
  • Discover how Gen Y will make the workforce better
  • Identify how this generation can be loyal

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