Ed Gibson

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For 21 years, Ed held the American record of 84 days in space. During his mission on Skylab, America's first space station, he also worked outside for over 15 hours during three different space walks.

In his 14-year NASA career, Ed supported the Apollo 12 crew and was their communicator while they explored the moon. He earned Air Force wings and logged over 2,200 hours in high-performance aircraft, 100 hours in helicopters, and 2017 hours in space.

Ed earned a BS in engineering from the University of Rochester and a MS and PhD in Engineering and Physics from the California Institute of Technology. After a year in industry, he was selected as one of six of the first Scientist-Astronauts, edging out 2,000 applicants.

He is now one of two Managers at Aerospace Partners, LLC. and Chairman of a NASA Review Board for America's return to the moon.

Speaking Topics

The Heart of Leadership
Ed weaves absorbing accounts of space flight with identification of leadership qualities of early pioneers who set the stage and spearhead rocketry development, JFK who inspired a nation, an astronaut manager who demanded an altruistic mission focus and dynamic heroes who impelled success from mission control.

Space Flight and Management
As Ed describes the triumphs of America's lunar program, he identifies seven basic principles of good management that led to success - principles that apply to any endeavor, public, private, or non-profit. Drawing on his spaceflight experiences, Ed illustrates the ability to initiate action, focus on the mission, organize lean, competent teams, motivate and properly support staff, and, lastly, step aside.

The Adventure of Spaceflight
Gliding over Earth at a serene five miles per second, living months without gravity, and watching Earth's features become as familiar as the face of an old friend were commonplace experiences during Ed's record-breaking, 35-million-mile space flight. With touches of humor, he puts the audience into the astronaut's mind and body to experience their sensations and emotions

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