Dr. Bruce Clark

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A nationally acclaimed speaker, Dr. Clark's presentations are uniquely enriched by his research-based consumer knowledge about the quality, service and buying habits of baby boomers and older adult consumers. He has published extensively and is called on frequently by the national media for his candid observations and strikingly accurate predictions. Among Dr. Clark's most prominent accomplishments has been the production of the 20-part PBS series Caring for an Aging Society which won Business TV Magazine's award for the "Most Important Social Contribution Made Through Business Television". He recently helped launch the Mature Market Study, an ongoing research panel of 3,500 boomers and seniors in 20 major U.S. markets. In addition, he is currently managing a national study focused exclusively on quantifying the consumer dreams and aspirations of "the new mature consumer".

Dr. Clark held senior management positions with National High Blood Pressure Education Program (NIH), the California Department of Health Services/Chronic Disease Control division, the National Center for Health Education, the Healthcare Forum and the Healthcare Forum Journal. He has a doctorate in Public Health and a Masters in Health Administration from Loma Linda University in southern California.

Speaking Topics

The Psychographics of the New Mature Consumer
Many healthcare firms marketing to maturing boomers and older markets segment their prospects by age ranges and expect successful results, only to be disappointed by poor consumer response. Age simply isn't enough to effectively target the increasingly complex 50+ market.

The LifeChange/LifeChoice Model recognizes that mature consumers are defined by multiple factors with varying importance to marketing, depending on the product, industry and target segment. It's based on the idea that the mature consumer is a multidimensional individual made up of six major intersecting components in addition to age:

  • Physiologic
  • Psychograghic
  • Lifestage
  • Emotional/Affinity
  • Socioecomonic
  • Generational/Cohort

The Future of Healthcare in the Age of the New Mature Consumer: The 10 Crises/Opportunities we Face
Healthcare is unprepared for the principal consumer of the future—the older adult. The 80 million strong baby boom turning 60 at the rate of 10,000 per day and as this new mature consumer migrates to the second half of life the impact on healthcare will be dramatic. Likely to live longer and better than previous generations, we are still simultaneously heading toward a future in which chronic disease, frailty and the variety of long-term health problems will be pervasive.

From mass dementia and the caregiving crisis to intergenerational equity and "Geriassic Park"; we are in uncharted ground. These consumers will be both "sick and well" and our emphasis on community-based care services will need to grow dramatically. Is our delivery system designed for this future? This presentation will explore what recent research reveals about this new mature consumer; their unique demands on healthcare providers and the new services they will seek In addition, this discussion will illustrate the profound impact this social revolution will have beyond healthcare to education, leisure, the family, media, marketing, and other American institutions.

  • "The Perfect Storm": 5 Trends that will Collide to Redefine Healthcare
  • The Future of Healthcare in the Age of the New Mature Consumer
  • The Impact of the Longevity Revolution on 21st Century Service
  • Maximizing Opportunities in the Mature Market
  • The Future of Aging in America: "Geriassic Park" or Shangri La
  • The Age Wave: Middlescence and Beyond
  • Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Face-to-Face: Communicating with Older Adults
  • Unlocking the Generational Code
  • Will we be Good Ancestors? The Impact of Genomics and the Consumer

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