Deborah Norville

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"Tough"..."Savvy"..."A Survivor"...are among the words used to describe veteran journalist Deborah Norville. Deborah was a part of the CBS News team from 1992 until her son's birth in 1994. She was a correspondent for the highly regarded newsmagazine Street Stories and later was co-anchor of America Tonight, another prime time newsmagazine.

She was also an occasional anchor for the CBS Evening News and a correspondent for 48 Hours. It was for a report on 48 Hours that Deborah was awarded her second National Emmy Award for "Flood, Sweat, and Tears," a look at the Mississippi floods.

Prior to joining CBS News, Norville hosted the nationally syndicated Deborah Norville Show, heard on over 200 radio stations on the ABC Talk Radio Network. This program was unique in that Deborah broadcast her talk show from her New York home.

Deborah came to the nation's attention during her time at NBC News, first as anchor of NBC's News at Sunrise, then as news anchor and later co-host of NBC's Today Show. While at NBC, she was awarded an Emmy for her role in covering the democratic uprising in Rumania.

In 1995, Deborah brought her own special combination of curiosity, compassion, and tenacity in reporting to King World's Inside Edition. Ratings from the program jumped 15% during her first week as anchor of the show. And since the two-time National Emmy Award winner joined Inside Edition, the program has widened its lead as the country's top-rated syndicated newsmagazine. It is now seen by more than eight million viewers each day.

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