Dave Timmons

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Motivational Leadership Speaker Dave Timmons is a Leadership Artist. He teaches leaders, managers, and organizations how to re-ignite the excitement and passion in their people through the ART of Leadership. During his 20+ year corporate career, Dave was a Senior Vice President with two Fortune 500 banks, leading teams as large as 7,500 employees to breakthrough sales and service results.

As a singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Dave performs original and parody songs (Rock N Roll, Blues, Country) within his leadership programs to add energy, humor, and entertainment value. He can also write a custom song to reinforce your meeting themes, slogans, and objectives.

Today’s Leaders and performers need solutions that not only produce desired results, but inspire people to be more, give more, and achieve more! Dave’s programs deliver the techniques, tools, and motivation for attendees to unlock the ‘emotional productivity’ of the people they influence. He will also make learning fun with his humor, guitar, and singing.

Speaking Topics

THE ART OF LEADERSHIP:Reigniting Passion and Performance in the Hearts of People
Your audience will learn:

  • The difference between Emotional and Rational engagement
  • How to make emotional connections which lead to emotional commitment
  • How to ‘emotionalize’ their own leadership style to unlock emotional productivity

SIX STRING LEADERSHIP: The New Model for Developing an Inspired Culture
Your audience will learn:

  • How to Connect and Inspire people at the optimum level
  • The power of Trust and Truth in maximizing Leadership effectiveness
  • How to find new Courage and develop a bias for Action

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