Dave Schwensen

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Dave Schwensen's professional background enables him to bring unique solutions to common problems. A veteran of the fast paced and high stress entertainment industry in Hollywood and New York, he worked behind the scenes as a talent coordinator and consultant for television networks, film studios and live performance venues. With egos and star power often clashing on a daily basis, Dave developed an innovative style of business communication skills to promote teamwork and meet deadlines through his relationships with many of today's top stars and production companies.

Speaking Topics

Basing his five step program on the proven theory that friends would rather do business with friends, Dave's high energy and entertaining keynote presentation, HUMORING YOUR CLIENTS & CO-WORKERS: COMMUNICATING FOR SUCCESS, and training seminars are designed to show how to build long term relationships that are both professional and profitable.

An important element of success is the ability to communicate your message and have it remembered. Each member of every team has experiences, thoughts and observations brimming with potential to break the ice whether making first impressions, maintaining established professional relationships, or enhancing customer service. Benefits of employing strong communication tools based on creativity and good humor within a politically correct working environment include:

  • Stress Management
  • Better Teamwork
  • Increased Productivity
  • Client Acquisition and Retention
  • Improved Customer Service

Keynote or Break-Out Session:

  • Humoring Your Clients & Co-Workers: Communicating For Success
  • Creative Ways To Communicate Your Message Through Good Humor

Full or Half Day Training Seminars:

  • Humoring Your Clients & Co-Workers: Creative Ways To Communicate Your Message
  • Creative Ways To Improve Your Presentation Skills: Tips, Techniques & Top Secret Information On How To Become A Better Public Speaker

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