Dave Jennings

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Dave A. Jennings, PhD delivers results. He is relied upon by leaders from Fortune 500s, State and Federal Government, and Non-Profits for his expertise in leadership, change, and communication.

Dave is the author of two books — Catapulted: How Great Leaders Succeed Beyond Their Experience and 21 Ways to Lead Your Leader.

Dave is known as a catalyst who accelerates leaders' impact in situations that are beyond their experience. Using performance psychology, he instigates, he questions, and he uncovers the real barriers so leaders can face their incompetence and accept their real job.

Dave knows the emotional psychology inside leadership. In the trenches with executives implementing global strategic change initiatives in complex organizations, he understands the risks, stresses, and opportunities. He has coached, trained, prodded, and cajoled thousands of leaders and high-potentials from blue-chip companies such as Deloitte, ExxonMobil, and Hewlett-Packard.

Through his research and experience with successful leaders, Dave has identified that leadership success depends on adopting skills that are scalable across multiple situations. A leader's mindset and skill set must rise to meet the constant unknowns of the environment. Dave's insights and tools have led to immediate results for clients including a $12 million return for Intel in one conversation.

With a PhD in Sport Psychology and emphasis in Organizational Psychology, he knows the world of accelerating impact. His doctorial research tested the tools of resilience on a most at-risk group: uneducated women in dead-end jobs. The impact was immediate and lasted far beyond expectations. His findings set the foundation for his passion to research how leaders lead in complex, high-stakes situations. As Associate Professor in Organizational Leadership and Strategy in the #1 ranked MBA program of Brigham Young University, he continued his research in leader transition and organizational change.

Speaking Topics

Perpetual Leadership
Why is it that some leaders keep increasing their impact while others never seem to scale up to the next level of leadership? Dave provides research, proven strategies, and tools to move leaders to the next level of success.

Leading Change
Why is it so hard to get organizations to change? Dave provides proven strategies and tools for creating buy-in and implementing organizational change.

Achieving Discretionary Effort
Why is it that top performing employees give 57% more effort than their colleagues? Dave provides proven strategies and tools for engaging employees to achieve greater success.

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