Dave Caperton

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Dave is a nationally-known speaker, humorist, and seminar leader who teaches his audiences in business, education, and healthcare how to use healthy and compassionate humor to lower stress, to cope with change and to boost personal and organizational success.

Dave has 20-plus years of real-world experience speaking, coaching, consulting and writing about the benefits of a joyful mindset in a business context including how to unleash creativity, strengthen health, increase engagement, super-charge learning, and provide legendary service and outstanding care while eliminating. stress and conflict.

Dave is also the author of Happiness Is a Funny Thing, a book he describes not as a how-to but a why-to book for realizing greater happiness, health, and joyful laughter both at work and at home.

Speaking Topics

Change the World
We've all heard the old adage, "perception is reality," which means your world is what you perceive it to be. But what you perceive owes as much to the choices you make as to your senses. Your commitment to joy, your sense of humor, your focus, even your physiology, shapes your perceptions. Consciously making positive choices leads to healthy perceptions about your life, work and relationships. And when you change your perceptions, you change your world.

Less Sress Through Joyfulness
Are you stressed out? Maxed out? Burned out? Have you (or the people around you) lost your joy? Unchecked stress depresses immune function, leads to illness and erodes success. Combing humor and solid research to explore the stress response, Dave provides joyful alternatives for coping successfully and thriving in times of change and challenge.

Healing with Joyfulness and Humor
Laughter doesn't just feel good, it's good for you. Besides providing a release for stress, a sense of humor has also been associated with improved immune function, pain relief, lowered blood pressure and is a proven predictor of longevity. This program presents the healing benefits of humor both for self-care and to minister to the needs of others. Healing Humor is perfect for healthcare audiences or any group interested in healthy living through laughter.

Laughter and Learning
It may seem counterintuitive that emotion, not rational processes, are the key to learning, but that is what brain research shows. In short, negative emotions stimulate limbic response (e.g. fight or flight) while positive emotion enhances cortical alertness. Learn ways to make compassionate humor a useful tool in the learning experience and join your students in enjoying increased learning and lowered stress.

The Fezziwig Principle: Driving Success With Joyfulness
With The Fezziwig Principle, you’ll learn 4 principles of Fezziwig’s philosophy that are more relevant than ever and the keys to creating a workplace where engagement, loyalty, innovation, and a competitive edge aren’t goals, but natural by-products. This program will show you how smart companies are using these same principles to revolutionize their cultures to build trust and unleash success, and how you can do the same for your organization.

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