Darren Kavinoky

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Perhaps more important than his professional accomplishments is the compelling inspirational tale he has to share. Darren is living proof that massive change can happen in a moment, and personifies triumph over adversity to rise to the level of success he now enjoys. Once a sensitive fat kid from a dysfunctional family, he went on to suffer from his own addiction issues at a very young age that plagued him for many years. To call this downward spiral a “bottom” is an understatement; Darren lost everything.

However, after two decades of unsuccessfully battling with his demons, in May of 2000 change happened in a moment, and Darren has gone on to achieve previously unthinkable levels of success. The kid who wore “husky” sized Toughskins recently completed his seventh Ironman triathlon and has done several ultra-marathons. The bankrupt attorney who once swept floors in a furniture store to make ends meet has since created several multi-million dollar businesses, including a law firm that now employs more than 25 people. And the man whose wife stuck by him despite years of struggle is the proud father of a little girl who has never seen her daddy under the influence of anything. Darren knows firsthand that seemingly miraculous transformations are possible, and he delights in powerfully carrying that message to others.

Darren Kavinoky is no stranger to the television cameras, courtroom, or the speaker’s podium – he is an accomplished trial lawyer, a well-known television host and legal analyst, and a compelling keynote speaker.

Television and Radio:Darren is the creator and host of the television show Deadly Sins, which airs on Investigation Discovery. As the show’s criminal behavior expert, Darren explains the root causes of the most extreme forms of human misbehavior. Darren’s legal expertise and off-center wit make him an especially engaging contributor on many other TV shows as well.

He has worked as both a field correspondent and as in-studio talent for Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. He has provided expert insight on entertainment, legal, political and lifestyle issues on many national and local broadcasts.

Speaking Topics

    Be The Billboard -Overcoming Obstacles to Create Your Ideal Life

    Be The Billboard is an inspiring access to personal and organizational change that begins by considering the “billboard” that all of us are, and will be in the future. Are we an example? Or a warning?

    Be The Billboard is more than just personal transformation; it is also a vehicle to inspire change in others, especially within organizations, families or teams. You don’t need to be a celebrity for your face to grace an important “billboard” and to stand for something that matters for reasons much larger than individual benefit.

    Most importantly, Be The Billboard isn’t just future-based; it’s not next year’s car or next season’s new clothes. We are all already being a billboard for something. All of us go through life as an example or a warning. What’s on your billboard? What do you want it to be? Be The Billboard will ensure that those answers will be in total alignment, effective right now.

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