Daniel Grissom

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When Daniel talks performance business leaders pay attention.

With deep experience in personal development and business development, Daniel has the ability to pinpoint problems, create solutions and deliver results. He is a world-class communicator who is able to connect with professionals at all levels – from new sellers to senior executives – and coach them how to improve results!

Daniel has already helped many of the world’s top organizations improve their results including: Google, McDonald’s, IBM, Bloomberg, Walgreens, NASDAQ and UPS. He studied under Tony Robbins at his Results Coaching Academy and Mastery University. He has earned an MBA, an honorary PhD in Christian Education and CSP – a credential which recognizes excellence in communication, which is held by less than 7% of professional communicators worldwide!

Daniel is a best-selling author. His book “STEP UP! – How to WIN MORE and Lose Less in Business” was an Amazon #1 bestseller. It’s a book about achieving superior results in business and in the business of life.

What does all this mean to you?

It means you’ll get: • A Speaker that is an expert in presentation excellence. • A Coach that is an expert in business development. • A Trainer that is an expert in personal development. In summary, it means you’ll get results you can count on!

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