Dan Seidman

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DAN SEIDMAN has keynoted and trained at globally recognized organizations like Million Dollar Round Table, Amway’s International Sales Trainers conference and Sales & Marketing Executives International events.

Dan has analyzed hundreds of selling blunders. He uses the lessons learned to help sales professionals and entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes of their colleagues who’ve fallen before them. Dan’s keynote speeches focus on tapping the collective brainpower of both the best and worst salespeople around the world.

Dan’s book is The Death of 20th Century Selling: 50 Hilarious Sales Blunders and How You can Profit from Them. He is currently working on a book on Sales Language and is producing the first-ever comic book for salespeople – with cartoons drawn from some of his 500+ sales stories

Dan is a World Master’s athlete who has two gold medals playing on the U.S. basketball team. He is a member of Sales & Marketing Executives International and is a volunteer sales & marketing strategist for the Willow Creek Association – the largest church leadership training organization on the planet (over 100,00 leaders trained last year).

Dan Seidman’s mission is to use the funniest, most embarrassing sales moments in the world to teach selling professionals how to take more money home and to reinforce the selling skills and training taught by sales managers and entrepreneurs for their teams. He does this through entertaining, unique and useful keynote speeches for associations and sales organizations.

Speaking Topics

Sales Autopsy: How to Profit from the Death of 20th Century Selling
Why buyers are better at buying than sellers are at selling and what to do about it

The Secret Language of Influence: How to Motivate Buyers in Ways that Work!
Sales language - what to adopt and what to avoid. This is the most neglected area of selling skills training today. One example; minimizers are words that erode the value of our product or service offering. Salespeople often introduce themselves on the phone with a comment like, “I only wanted to…” That word only sends a message that what follows is of minimal importance. These language strategies are HUGE, especially if you do a great deal of phone work. This information is guaranteed to create an AHA! experience and make you a much better sales professional.

The Ultimate Objection-handling Tool
Identify your top six objections, use 3 outstanding strategies to create a ton of powerful responses and you have a permanent script book for experienced salespeople as well as rookies. Why 10, 15 or 20 responses for every objection? Each member of your team can “find their voice” and use language that reflects their communication style and personality. NOTE: This comprehensive strategy can be used to prepare for conversations with external buyers as well as internal boards and decision-making groups. There is nothing like this, anywhere!

First Impressions for Sales Pros
Nothing hurts your chances to connect or even sell to others like a failed first impression. This insightful assessment and follow-up teaching can help you master the art of impact in initial meetings. Most useful for sales calls, networking and conferences. NOTE: In my 25 + years of sales training, with 600+ selling blunders collected, this is the biggest category of mistakes business pros make. It is very difficult to recover from a blown first impression.

How to Create Customized, Casual Conversations that Motivate Buyers to Buy
Stop being predictable and make your sales call a memorable and moving experience for your buyer. NOTE: This program solves the oldest argument in selling – are buyers motivated by attain benefits or to relieve pain. You’ll be surprised to discover which approach works and when.

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