Commander Kirk Lippold

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Commander Kirk Lippold, USN (Ret.), author of Front Burner: The Attack on the USS Cole, knows what it takes to create the foundation for successful leadership that prepares teams to rise to any challenge they may face.

Leadership speaker, Commander Kirk Lippold, was the commanding officer of the USS Cole when it came under a suicide attack by al Qaeda in the port of Aden, Yemen. During his command, he and his crew distinguished themselves by saving the American ship from sinking. The attack on the Cole was one of the seminal events of US history, and Commander Lippold's valuable experiences have helped give thousands of military officers and civilians insight into integrity and leadership.

A graduate of the US Naval Academy, Kirk Lippold has received the Defense Superior Service Medal, the Legion of Merit, and the Navy Achievement Medal. His unparalleled leadership has served as an example to military personnel across the country and the world, and has shown civilians the true honor and excellence of the nation's military. By describing his experiences, he helps to shed light on current world politics and conflicts, and the keys to successful leadership in difficult circumstances.

What you will learn from leadership speaker Commander Kirk Lippold:

  • Why leaders must act in the now yet also plan ahead, to effectively help organizations cope with complex environments while operating under adverse conditions.
  • Why integrity is the most important trait for members of a team to have, and how to instill it in yours.
  • Insight on key leadership strategies and how to set expectations for your mission's execution.

Speaking Topics

Leadership and Accountability When It Matters
Businesses now operate in an environment where nothing can be taken for granted and change is the only constant. In his riveting recount of the Cole story, Kirk Lippold details how leaders must act in the now yet plan ahead, to help organizations cope with complex environments while operating under adverse conditions. Lippold's Five Pillars of Leadership explain his crew's ability to focus and execute as a dynamic team and will help any organization establish the framework to get the best out its people.

Managing Risk in an Era of Uncertainty
The modern world does not wait for the uninitiated and the unprepared. The ability of organizations to react quickly to a crisis, adapt strategies to deal with unforeseen circumstances, and then choose the best course of action comes only from thinking through the unimaginable. Through preparation and leadership, Commander Kirk S. Lippold inspired his crew to act decisively in the ultimate crisis situation when terrorists attacked USS Cole in one of the seminal events in the war on terror. Commander Lippold's compelling and patriotic story shows organizations how integrating the principles of accountability and integrity into your team can make the difference between success and failure.

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