Charles Schewe, Ph.D.

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Charles D. Schewe, professor of marketing at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, is a principal at Lifestage Matrix Marketing, a marketing research and consulting firm. Using his trained expertise, he has spoken extensively and internationally to diverse groups of managers, companies, and industrial executive groups on various marketing topics.

Professor Schewe has advised numerous companies on strategic planning, competitive intelligence, marketing research, customer service, and competitive positioning. His client engagements have included Spalding Sports Worldwide, International Business Machines, K-Mart, RJR Nabisco, and Procter & Gamble.

Author of over fifty articles in academic journals such as the Journal of Marketing, Business Horizons, and American Demographics, Dr. Schewe has been quoted and referred to widely. He is frequently featured in newspapers, magazines, and trade publications nationwide, and he is the author of Marketing: Principles and Strategies (1987), The Portable MBA in Marketing (1992), and Exploring the World of Business (1996).

Over the last fifteen years, he has focused on understanding the marketing management implications of our aging population and assisted numerous manufacturers and retailers targeting the 50+ population.

Speaking Topics

Age "Really" Matters: Marketing to Shared Experiences
Individuals are bound together by coming of age over a similar time period. These generational cohorts are highly influenced by the external events experienced between the ages of 17 and 23. After projecting the demographic changes in population and spending power over the next decade, Dr. Schewe contrasts baby boomer values [Indulgent Individualism, Youth, Health, and Questioning Everything] to those of their parents who experienced the Great Depression and World War II [Feeling Achievement in Life, Trust and Security]. With the use of fascinating examples from his consulting engagements, Dr. Schewe provides practical, how-to marketing actions that will keep each cohort buying again and again.

Capturing the Hearts, Minds and Pocketbooks of Today's Younger Generational Cohorts
The children of baby boomers, seventy-two million strong, are just now coming of age and evolving their own unique set of cohort values. In this talk, Dr. Schewe compares the values of boomer children with those of their baby boomer parents and with those of Generation X. The differences are dramatic. The impact of the terrorist strike on America is addressed along with the value changes that can be expected from the events of September 11, 2001.

Targeting Generational Values to Capture Explosive Response Rates
Today, 57% of all promotion is direct marketing. In this talk, Charlie expands on generational marketing to explain the six generational cohorts that span America's marketplace and identifies their unique core values. And since they can be identified by their chronological age, they provide a strong basis for improved direct response marketing. Examples from Dr. Schewe's direct response consulting engagements provide a real-world overlay to this aspect of successful marketing.

Looking at Lifestages: Marketing to Generational Mindsets
Lifestages are the roles one takes on while traveling through life. Each lifestage brings with it a new set of joys and responsibilities, concerns and anxieties. And how lifestages are carried out today are determined by generational cohort values. Parenting of children by baby boomers has been considerably different from that exhibited by their parents. Charlie details the generationally-driven lifestages with insights into how audiences can market to existing and emerging lifestages.

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